Copy Srl has been operating in the engineering sector since 1996, specialising in the production and in the copying of moulds.

Our services

Complete milling operations

We can offer customers complete mould milling operations for plastic moulding, die-casting, deep-drawing, compression moulding or parts for prototypes, using materials ranging from steel to aluminium.

Partial milling operations

Partial milling operations with parts that may relate to matrices, punches, mould holders, carriages, ejector plates with hot runner holder plates.

Customised moulds

Moulds can be made to order on the basis of 3D designs provided by customers.  We develop the most cutting-edge procedures for machine tools.


Copy Srl has been operating in the engineering industry since 1996. The company specialises in the mould sector and carries out rough machining, punching and matrix finishing operations on a subcontracting basis.

We keep abreast of modern technology and have CAM systems for data modelling and a fleet of machines that makes it possible to process small and large moulds.


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Why choose us?


We use the latest machinery, such as the 5-axis EMCO MECOF machine..


The general quality of our products is extremely high thanks to our milling machines and business management.

Competitive prices

We can manufacture products at extremely competitive prices thanks to ongoing innovative techniques used.


We can process small or large pieces (max 20t).

Experience and knowledge

Our customers can benefit from more than 20 years of experience in the trade.

Customer Support

We support our customers through all product processing phases.

Main applications

Indoor/outdoor furnishings

Automotive industry

Household appliances