What’s New in 2017

The brand-new IMSA MF1600S drilling machine is on its way in 2017.

• The new IMSA MF1600S model has been designed to produce moulds up to 20 tonnes. MF1600S has a T-shaped design, a robust electrowelded structure, and weighs 38 tonnes.

• One mould with a maximum diameter of 3600mm can rotate within the machine body. The table (X axis) travels 3000mm and rotation is controlled continuously.

• Orthogonal drilling (3 axes), single tilt (4 axes) and double tilt (5 axes) with table rotation 360° and combined machining tilt 30°-15°.

• Drilling depth in one cycle 1600 mm. Optimum diameters 5-32 (40) mm from solid pieces.

• The ISO 50 spindle (17 kW, 4500 revs/min) is used for deep drilling and milling thanks to the SWING ON TOP IMSA system.

• The new MF1600S uses an advanced SWING-ON-TOP system which is fully automatic and avoids the need for operators to carry out assembly/dismantling operations. Switching takes 120 seconds and can be programmed using the M function.

• 4-side machining: the MF1600S has an extended range of travel and a table with high capacity but a contained area, facilitating the machining of 4 sides with one bracket arrangement.

• The extended 500-mm range of motion enables small pieces to be machined in the centre of the table.